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Beauties On Successful Strives is the foundation for dream building where Beauties, such as yourself, are able to learn, grow, have fun and support each other by coming together at upscale events, workshops, through inspirational calls and our online community. Our Beauties have built friendships, support groups, turned their ideas into businesses, learned how to create peace in their relationships at work and at home, became more spiritually awakened, and started their journey to create a healthy and fit lifestyle. They have also gained clients and business collaborations within their first event attendance. Most importantly, many women from our community have been able to help each other grow by lifting as we all climb. Leading us closer to the end goal of our Women’s Center. It is our desire to uplift women who are like how our Founder, Yasmine Brown was and possibly how you or someone you know is presently, needing a little guidance to go a long way. We create a 360 degree circle, catering to the fullness of you.


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We are here to help you connect with positive like-minded women that will celebrate, encourage, support, and love on you. We want to be part of your lifeline to break down the walls of financial instability, fear of networking and getting out of your comfort zone, insecurities, procrastination, lack of confidence and belief in yourself, emotional drainage and dead-end resources. Connect with positive like-minded women that can add to your breakthrough to living your vision, making your goals your reality and hold you accountable to your Greatness.

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