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About Beauties On Successful Strives

Who are Beauties On Successful Strives?

Beauties On Successful Strives is the foundation for dream building where Beauties, such as yourself, are able to learn, grow, have fun and support each other by coming together at upscale events, workshops, through inspirational calls and our online community.

Our Beauties have built friendships, support groups, turned their ideas into businesses, learned how to create peace in their relationships at work and at home, became more spiritually awakened, and started their journey to create a healthy and fit lifestyle. They have also gained clients and business collaborations within their first event attendance.

Most importantly, many women from our community have been able to help each other grow by lifting as we all climb. Leading us closer to the end goal of our Women’s Center. It is our desire to uplift women who are like how our Founder, Yasmine Brown was and possibly how you or someone you know is presently, needing a little guidance to go a long way. We create a 360 degree circle, catering to the fullness of you.


Our mission is to help women awaken their Greatness so they can be the women they are created to be and experience the abundance they are destined to have by catering to the fullness of women.

Our vision is to help every family live in happiness, abundance and wholeness.

Our Values

  • We commit to our commitments
  • No matter what we keep our integrity
  • We stay in Faith and Belief because faith moves mountains and belief shrinks fear
  • Everything we do is out of Love and Passion
  • We lift as we climb
  • We are dedicated to helping women have successful strives


Meet the Founder

Yasmine is the founder of B.O.S.S. Beauties On Successful Strives, a women’s empowerment organization where women are able to learn, grow, have fun and support each other by coming together at upscale events, workshops, through inspirational calls and our online community, author of Love: Answers to a New Beginning, women’s empowerment guide to a better YOU and graduate of Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. At a tender age she learned her worth and found the true meaning of her obstacles and experiences. Yasmine learned that she was created to help others by going through the experiences herself, spiritual guidance and experiences of others. Brown is now in the process of opening up, I Am Love Cares, women’s center to help all those who thrive to feel better, live better, and be better. Yasmine and her husband, Jerome lives in Illinois.

Through B.O.S.S. Beauties On Successful Strives and I Am Love Cares, Yasmine desires to help women of all ages, race, religion and background to unwrap the truth that lies between the unrealistic doubts and fears that has prevented women from striving towards happiness, success and fulfillment.

Yasmine dream is to uplift and empower women to be all they can be without hesitation to go after what belongs to them!


We would love to hear from you!

For questions or to learn more about B.O.S.S. please email us at Info@beautystrives.com

Beauties On Successful Strives Team